Thursday, July 15, 2010

Two Weeks of Pure Joy!

Guess who's home?
Our son, Eric, got home July 1st from Spain.  He will be home for three months and will return there to teach for another school year.  His sister sure looks happy to see his smiling face!

I'm thinking the dogs look pretty happy too!
We've had so much fun with our niece, Makayla, too.  She spent the last two weeks with us and we definitely hope this will be an annual event. 
She made gluten free cupcakes for our "craft night".  Amber is allergic to gluten and Makayla made her a special treat.
I think she could make some money selling cupcakes!

I gave Makayla one of her great grandmother's aprons. She packed it carefully away and then chose this one to wear while she was baking.  My friend, Winnie, gave this cute polka dot number to me.  I love my aprons and wear them all the time. 
Looks like she could have her own baking show!
This is Makayla's "craft night" project.  She had never painted before and decided she wanted to paint this brick doorstop.  This gal is full of talent.  It's amazing how young people aren't afraid to jump right in and learn something new.
Pretty amazing don't you think!
We went to the Lawson Picnic which is where my hubby and I had our first date.  Makayla and Eric had a great time on the rides.

The petting zoo is always a big hit too.
and last, but not least....
she had her first motorcylce ride with her uncle Rick.
We already miss you! 


  1. Looks like alot of family fun has been going on around your home Cathie! Enjoy!

  2. Everyone looks so happy to see him! :-)

    she is very talented, I love what she painted. I am planning to try some gluten free recipes myself.

  3. What a great paint job she did... and I am in love with that apron.


  4. Love this post Cathie! Absolutely love every bit of it!

  5. Cathie, glad your son got home safe and sound! Enjoy your visit with him. You niece did such a wonderful job on the brick doorstop-she is very talented! Her cupcakes looked awesome too! Great family times!

  6. She has got the family talent i supose.
    It must be great to have your son and her with you.
    Have a great weekend

  7. The Lawson Picnic! How fun!! It was so great to see Makayla. I can't believe how awesome her brick looks. Wow!!!

  8. What a great post! How fun to spend time with family, her painting is beautiful and what talent in the kitchen. Love all of your paintings, they are beautiful.



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