Friday, July 16, 2010

Coffee Cake Cupcake New Print

My new print, "Coffee Cake Cupcake" in now available in my eBay store and my etsy store.

Tucked into the center of this delicious cupcake is a filling made of brown sugar, toasted pecans, and ground cinnamon. This scrumptious treat is topped with a fluffy layer of cinnamon butter cream frosting.

Compare my garden bike to last years photo in my blog header.  I think the cone flowers are about to take it over. Click on the photos for a closer view.

I'll try to get a new photo to replace the above header so you can see the difference between this year and last.
Is anyone having trouble with their Knock Out roses this year?  Mine have been in the ground around 4 years and I've lost several this year.  In the spring they all looked great and bloomed beautifully.  Then one by one they started turning brown (not due to lack of water) and dying out.  I've now dug up 4 bushes.  It's almost like someone is spraying them with Round Up. 


  1. Love your little garden and your bike is way too cute.
    Thanks for coming by--do you have mental telepathy where your prints are concerned??? :) How did you know I had a ditty up on my blog about your cute print?
    Have a super weekend.

    PS: I grew up in Independence.


  2. Your coffee cupcake print is adorable!

    Look at your flowers grow. Your garden is beautiful Cathie. I haven't had a problem with my one knockout rose, but I just planted it this year....

  3. I love your garden,,, the cone flowers sure do like your bike,,, I love how it looks..... I hope your roses snap out of it,, with is could help you out with them..... good luck,,, I love your garden yard....


  4. What an awful thing that would be...Round Up. Hope that you discover what the problem is with your roses. The flowers have grown a lot since last year. I like the way the cone flowers have grown up all around your bike. In light of Pioneer Woman's post on cinnamon toast, this cupcake is very timely! (I first heard about it at Chocolatechic's.)

  5. Love your garden, and LOVE your cupcake. I lost a couple of roses this year too, but I blame my furnace installers.

  6. Your cake looks yummie as allways but honestly Cathrine, it will melt down in Minutes (tee hee)
    Ich love the photos of your garden, thats the best place to be in summer, isn´t it?
    Have a great weekend

  7. Your coffee cup cake print is so cute, Cathy! (sounds yummy too)

    Your garden looks lovely. Sorry about your roses. I have one knock out rose and it seems to being doing fine.


  8. THe new painting is wonderful! And I love that garden bike - what a great idea!

  9. Hey Cathy,
    Love your new coffee cupcake painting. I see you're thinking of fall with that wornderful orange background! Your bicycle is so cute too with all the flowers. Those cone flowers sure do have a way of taking over!

  10. Hi Catherine, my knock out roses are good this year. I did lose one from the winter but quickly replaced it. Who knows what causes these problems sometimes but they are incredibly frustrating. (The problems, not the roses ) : )

    Please cut me a nice big piece of that coffee cupcake, better yet, send the whole thing my way, looks wonderful.

    Enjoy your special time with your son.



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