Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Soon Memorial Day Weekend will be here and families will be enjoying a long weekend.  Let's remember to take time and honor the brave men and women who have died serving our country and fighting for our freedom.  Let's also pray for these families of our fallen soldiers that God will comfort them and guide their lives.

I don't have any paintings to share because I've been working hard on custom orders.  Some of these are Christmas presents ( I can't believe how organized some people are), therefore, I can't share them for that reason as well.  So, I'll share some of my recent purchases from two of my favorite stores:

I love these little polka dot plates from Target with matching napkins.  The plates are melmac.

I found these cute little bowls at T.J. Maxx. I snatched them up just as they were putting them on the shelves.  They also had coffee cups to match.  I have so many mugs that I decided the bowls were sufficient.  Talk about self control.  I really wanted those mugs!

Draped beneath my T.J. Maxx nesting bowls is four yards of tea toweling by the yard that I purchase online.  It comes hemmed along the sides and you just need to cut them to the length you want and then hem each end.  I think I'm going to make slip covers for my pillows on the deck instead.  I have lots of other ideas for this fabric too.  Looks like I'm going to have to order more soon.

Now if you have a weak stomach don't look any further. I found this on my front porch this morning along with our neighbors beautiful cat who was taking a nap all curled up in the sunshine.  As much as I hate mice, this is pretty sad.

R. I.P.


  1. Love the new banner mom! It is so pretty!
    I will swing by Target and look for the blue plates. Those napkins are too cute!!
    Oh and that poor mouse! What is up with the cats lately? A mouse and a bird! Ha!
    Love you!

  2. I love your pretty polka dot plates! Those napkins are great too! Target always has such fun summer stuff.

    I admit, I did laugh when I saw that mouse on his back w/ his mouth open. Shame on me - I'm a big animal lover. But again, a tiny bit funny...

  3. This would make my friend Linds smile real big. She's battling mice in her garden.

    Oh, would you be willing to share where you buy your fabric online? I've been looking for fabric that is the same on either side to make table napkins with. It's hard to find.

    Love the bowls and feel free to grab the mugs. There must be some you'd like to weed out anyway. :D Aren't I free and easy with the advice?

    Great look in here these days...

  4. Yikes! Not the kind of gift one wants to find on the porch! Love those cute plates and bowls and where did you find the tea towel fabric?
    I like your banner too...is that your own garden gate?

  5. Hi Cathie!

    So cute! And those napkins fit just perfectly in your adorable Longaberger basket! I really enjoyed the little tour of all of your cute stuff. How fun!

    Poor mouse! I am so glad that my cats don't ever go outside. Those are gifts that I just cannot stand!

    Your blog looks wonderful!


  6. Happy Memorial Day to you and your family Cathie! I love those melamine plates with the polka dots too! When we had barn cats in NJ they would bring us little "presents" like that too!

  7. Hey Catherine, you got the bowls I got the mugs!
    I didn't need them but they kept calling my name!
    Anything red with polka dots wants to come home with me.....
    Now I am thinking a trip to Target is in order!
    I need some cute plates for our camper!

    Hugz, Dolly

    come visit

  8. Eeeek, a mouse!

    Love those cute bowls from TJ Maxx. I think I would have had to buy the coffee mugs!

    Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, Catherine!


  9. I really like your new banner! And those red and white bowls are great! Where do you buy that fabric by the yard?

    Happy Memorial Day!

  10. Hi Catherine, happy Memorial Day Weekend to you...a little early. : )

    Honestly, I hate mice, yuk, what a find for the front porch.

    I cannot believe how organized some people are with purchases...I will not be thinking of Christmas till november or December, I just wish I could start planning sooner.


  11. I live in Canada, and we don't celebrate Memorial Day at the same time you do in the US, but I do agree we need to be so thankful for our men and women who are protecting our freedom. You'll enjoy this. I was lucky enough to go to ART and SOUL this past week in Hampton Virginia, and I thought I'd go into a post office and get the new Catherine Hepburn Stamp, well when I got to the wicket I asked the clerk for a Catherine Holman stamp, she looked, but alas could not find one, and then it dawned on us both that you had not yet been so honored, I'm not sure who comes up with the subjects for your stamps but I'm writing to him and asking why he hasn't come up with one. keep well and enjoy your cats gifts. It's one less mouse in a house.

  12. I just love your polka dots on the dishes and napkins.
    they are so darn cheery -- makes you want to smile.
    I enjoy your blog.

  13. Funny about the mouse, sure wasn't expected. Love all the polka dot stuff. I have lots of that toweling laying everywhere to paint for a swap that I am in. You should try it, it would look great with some cupcakes on it!


  14. Dear Catherine
    it´s quite a while since my last visit. And you posted a lot since then.
    I hope you are doing fine and you enjoy the sunday.
    I had to smile when I saw your photo of the egyptian- spanish temple.
    If you think, you bore us with your photos, then have a look at my blog.
    Temples and temples and even more temples.
    I am almost ashamed.
    By the way I like your new banner.
    Have a great sunday


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