Friday, April 16, 2010

New Larger Prints and More Cupcake Paintings

I don't know if anyone has noticed but in the right hand column of my blog I now have a link to Fine Art America where I can offer larger prints of my cupcakes.  They will be sold directly through them.  I got my first order yesterday and was told by the company that I have to re-photograph my paintings using a camera with at least 8 megapixels.  I got a new camera for Christmas and all my paintings since are photographed with this camera.  Needless to say, all my older paintings have been sold and I will now need to paint them again in order to take new pictures.  I just finished the one above, Cupcake Yum, and it's now available in my Etsy Store.  I have a few originals listed there for those of you who don't like bidding for something on eBay.  I'm going to be adding all the paintings that I have to do again to my Etsy store as I finish them.  So, if you missed out on one of these older cupcake paintings and would like one, keep watching here or in my etsy store for new listings. I won't be
re-painting my village scenes again because it's simply too much work.  But, any new ones that I paint will be listed in Fine Art America. 

My husband was amazed by the detail in the doors in Spain and the craftmanship of the hardware on them.  Below are a few and I'll share more later.
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  1. This new arrangement sounds like a good one for of everything with it.

    Yay for hubby getting some good door shots. Doors are fascinating and these are excellent examples. Love the hardware!

  2. Congrats on linking with Fine Art America!

    I have noticed when we went to Italy a couple of years ago and then in France, how wonderful the detail was on doorways. Your pictures show some great ones!

  3. Congrats on Fine Art America, Cathie. I with you the best!

    I love the photos of the architectural doors. Detail and hardware make all the difference.


  4. Dear Catherine, I have a soft spot for doors aswell.
    You made some great photos, the bull- knocker is wonderfull.
    Congratulations on fine american art too, thats great

  5. Oh my goodness I am in love with the red door it is so beautiful!

    Cathy thanks so much for your advice too. It has certainly helped and I am working on some new paintings that Im excited about. They are a little bit different. Just wanted to le you know how much I appreciate your honesty and sharing your thoughts with me xxx

  6. What amazing details on the doors!

    Thank you for stopping by, posting about and entering my first giveaway!

    ~ Tracy

  7. I've missed visiting you and your blog. It always stays so fresh and uplifting, like you.


  8. I have so many pictures of doors and architecture from everywhere I have been. Those along with barns and how many other pics are in this stash of photos for my 'retirement" Love all your paintings!



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