Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cupcake Recipe Collection

I finished three paintings from my recipe collection and listed these in my Etsy Store.  The two lower cupcakes are a couple that I had painted before, but as mentioned in my previous post, I need to re-paint all of my cupcake paintings that were photographed before I got my new camera.  In order to make larger prints they need to be shot with a higher definition camera.  The Mocha Cupcake painting is brand new.  All three have black and white checked ribbon wrapped around the edges. 

After painting these yummy  cupcakes I decided to "clean out the frig".   I don't mean that in a good way either.  I ate the leftover cheesecake, the leftover chicken enchilada casserole, drank the last get my drift.  This time of year I always want to lose a little weight so I can fit into my summer clothes and instead start eating like it's my last meal.  Here's a suggestion:  " If you are trying to lose a little weight before summer gets here, don't clean out the frig!" 
Any suggestions for losing a few pounds for a gal who sits around painting cupcakes all day?


  1. Not a one! It's a miracle that you're doing so look like a wee bit of a thing to me!

    I really like the cupcakes against the recipe. Looks so beautifully "layered."

  2. Your cupcake trio is adorable!

    Well, about the weight....I gained some weight while in France and have been very unsuccessful trying to lose it! So if someone gives you good advice, let me know...

  3. I'm afraid I ask for suggestions on how to lose weight, and then I have a cupcake. Life is too short to not eat cupcakes.

  4. I love these cupcakes against the recipe background! Keep up the wonderful work!

  5. Gosh I don't have any good ideas either,,,,, the cheese cake sounds yummy.... love your cupcake trio... they look so yummy too.. as always your work is so great.... oh and if you hear of a good way to loose a few lbs... pass it


  6. I love the cupcake recipe collection! They're adorable.

    As far as losing the weight...I'm sorry I'm not much help. (I like to clean out the frig too!)


  7. Maybe you could paint salads. Or...ummm....cherry tomatoes! They are adorable as always! So was this post!

  8. HIIIIII!!!!! How are you?! I never stopped by to say hi and thank you for following and for your sweet comment!!!
    THANK YOU!!!
    Also I am your newest follower!! Love the cupcakes!!! :D


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