Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Sorry about the length of time between posts, but I've been sick with a terrible cold for three weeks and now the medicine that I'm taking makes my hands shake so I can't paint. I do feel better though.
Today is not my birthday. My birthday is at the end of February. My cold kept me from posting this until now because not only was it hard to paint it was very hard to type with shaky hands. I wanted to share what my crafty daughter, Amber, made me for my special day.
She made this little crochet hook case:

This cute little wreath:

This is the cover for some music she recorded on a cd for me. It's made with pictures from old Anthropology catalogs:

Isn't it cute!!!

She puts so much thought and love into everything she makes....

She also made me these adorable earring......

Please check out this post from her blog here. Also, if you like a real tear jerker check out her post here too.

Not responsible for any mistakes in the post. Ha!


  1. Cathie I am sorry to hear you've not been well!

    A belated Happy Birthday. I love your gifts. They are wonderful!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Cathie!!!!

    I love her gifts, so sweet :-)

  3. Catherine, I'm sorry that you've had such a rough go of it the past three weeks. Your daughter made you some wonderful treasures there. I love the knitting needle keep and the cd cover and the earrings. Feel better soon. You must be getting very eager to return to painting. Happy birthday, too, all "the greats" were born in February don'tcha know. ;D

  4. Cathie, so sorry you were sick and especially for your birthday! Happy belated Birthday also! Your daugther is so creative-just like her Mom!! She gave you some really wondeful gifts and especially since they were made from the heart!

  5. Hope you feel better very soon. All those lovely gifts are proof that you are loved ;-)

  6. Catherine, sorry you have been under the weather..hope you are feeling a bit better now. I love, love your daughters crochet hook case, it is just very pretty. Happy birthday to you if I missed saying it last month.



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