Monday, March 8, 2010

Taking a Computer Break

I'm taking a long needed break from work and my computer. Both my Etsy and Ebay Stores will be closed too. I need to energize and get myself inspired so I can get those creative thoughts moving once again in the right direction. Maybe I need to put on my gardening hat and get outside to soak up a little sun....Sure hope the weather cooperates!

I'll dream about planting some of these to hang on my garden gate again this spring....

These are my favorite garden gloves. I bought two extra pair at the end of the season last year.

I'll dream about painting my old yellow chairs this color......

I painted two of these for my daughter last year. Until the next post, I'll be doing a lot of fanciful day dreaming!


  1. have a wonderful break!

  2. We'll be anxiously awaiting some wonderful creations when your juices flow again.

  3. Cathie, I'll miss you but enjoy your break! I'm looking forward to seeing your new paintings when you start painting again!

  4. Have a wonderful time away and soak up some sun. Plant away and paint chairs red. We'll be looking for you when you get back!

  5. Enjoy your break,,, get out and dig in the dirt and dream you day away.... hehe see you soon...


  6. Enjoy some special time! You deserve it! ♥

  7. Feel better and get some rest!. I will miss you, but know I will be thinking of you. Enjoy your little break.
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  8. Relax and take a load off. :)
    You have a very unique artist talent! BEAUTIFUL artwork. =0)
    I came across your site through Jenny Matlock's blog. <3

  9. Catherine, enjoy your break...everyone needs that once in a while. Take care.


  10. Have a great time, enjoy your garden and the time you take for yourselfe.


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