Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wedding Reception

This has been a very happy and very sad week. First the sad part: Our eleven year old cat "Callie", is going through renal failure. We have been giving her sub-Q injections for a couple of weeks now. We thought she was doing better, but after taking her back to the vet on Monday for a checkup she has stopped eating. She is so weak now that she can't hold herself up and is losing control of her bladder. Our son, Eric, bought a syringe to feed her with and has been able to get some food down her but so far she shows no sign of improvement. So, I'm taking a computer break for a while so I can spend more time taking care of her.
On a brighter note, Amber and Scott had a small reception at Scott's mother's home on Saturday. Below are a few photos from this fun event:
The kids look a little tired here!
We spent the whole day Friday and most of Saturday cooking for the reception at our house. The girls make two triple layer chocolate cakes and one triple layer lemon filled cake.

I made 80 cupcake pops. You can find the recipe for these here.

I also made a giant cupcake. No one wanted to cut into it so the kids are freezing it for their anniversary.

I hope to be back to painting and blogging soon, but for now I have a sick cat to take care of.


  1. MOm...please give callie an extra kiss for me!! I love you!

  2. I'm so sorry about Callie :-( Pumpkin and I send her lots of love 'n hugs!

    The reception was fantastic! everything was so cute!

  3. Cathy, I know how much heartache a sick furbaby means. Thinking of you...

    Well the kids do look tired, but happy. It must've been hot. Your giant cupcake is terrific!

  4. Catherine, I'm really sorry to hear about Callie, it's so hard to watch as our little furbabies fade away and I dread the day when it happens to mine. Hugs to you all...

    Gail x

  5. What beautiful colors, and everything looks as delicious as your paintings!

    I'm so sorry about your kitty. :(

  6. Hi Cathie
    I'm so sorry to hear about Callie.

    The reception was beautiful!!

  7. I hope your Callie is getting well.
    In the end it doesn´t matter much if a friend has 4 or 2 legs.Love is love.
    All the best

  8. Cathie, so sorry to hear about your cat. Thinking of you!

  9. Hi Catherine,
    The reception for the kids turned out beautifully!.
    Poor sweet Kitty!. I understand how you feel about your family pet.
    Take care,

  10. Cathy-
    Sorry to hear about your cat.
    Those cake pops are AWESOME! I've made them before, in fact I'm making some tomorrow to take to a family reunion.

  11. Catherine,

    I'm so sorry to hear about thoughts are with you.

    Many Hugs...


  12. I'm so sorry about your Callie. How sad.

    What a nice reception ~ the cakes look yummy!


  13. I'll be thinking about your sweet Callie! So sorry to hear she's not feeling well!!!
    I enjoyed the reception photos! Those cupcake pops were a great idea and looked fantastic!
    Hugs to you and Callie,
    Shelley, Marvin & Scout

  14. I am so sorry to hear about your beloved pet. Your family celebration looks like it was wonderful and the couple look so happy!

    I am sorry I have not been by in a while. I'm off to do a little catching up.


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