Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wedding Bells!

Tomorrow is the big day and these two are tying the knot! I'll share some wedding photos soon.

Thanks for all the help trying to identify the bush in a previous post. A couple of you think that it's Purple Loosestrife, but it has been in this spot for 8 years and hasn't spread at all. I know that Loosestrife is very invasive and this plant does sound like that same description except for the invasive part. I'm going to have to send a photo to one of the gardening websites as someone suggested and maybe I'll solve this mystery.


  1. What an adorable couple! I love the photos in the previous post. Best of wishes tomorrow, and a big congratulations!


  2. Have a wonderful day! A wedding is so special for the whole family! Best wishes to you all!

  3. I think it's a Buddleia - butterfly bush. They tend to be more floppy than the loosestrife; I had both at my former home.

  4. Cathi-have a great time at the wedding and enjoy!

  5. Catherine, Amber and Scott are a beautiful couple. Congratulations to them.


  6. How exciting!!! Enjoy the big day!~ Lol, sometimes I wish I could get married again to really plan a good one....there are so many pretty weddings these days!~


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