Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Silver Lake Christmas Folk Art Painting

My husband and I worked the election polls for the first time this week. I will hopefully recover soon. Ha! I almost fell asleep in the middle of a painting today.
I just want to share a couple of very cute "Trick or Treaters" who showed up at my door on Halloween. Cutie Pie and Cinderella are my nieces, Kira and Gabby. I love taking pictures of all the adorable faces that come begging for candy!
I've been pretty busy with some custom orders and have gotten behind on listing some new paintings on eBay. Tonight I listed "Silver Lake Christmas" on eBay.

Mrs. Purvis asked her husband when he finished his third cup of coffee to bring up her big boxes of Christmas decorations. While she decorated the tree inside the house, he spent the day hanging a large wreath on the front of the house and draping garland across the front of their fence that faces the lake. Their grandchildren and the rest of the family will be arriving this evening. They love to hear the children giggle with delight when they see the beautiful decorations. Mrs. Purvis and her daughter Ellen and her granddaughters, April, May, and June, always spend the following day making gingerbread houses and cookies. They frost some of the gingerbread cookies with royal icing and let it harden so they can hang them on the tree with all the other handmade ornaments that have been cherished over the years.


  1. Hi Catherine, Silver Lake Christmas is just beautiful...I love it. I love working with gallery canvas and love how the finished pieces look. I really like that you don't need frames for those, it is a great option to be able to just hang a painting on the wall without worrying about the frame. I'm starting work on a painting that I'm using gallery canvas for...loads of fun.

    Love your sweet neices as well, they look adorable!!

    Get some sleep, falling asleep while painting could be a bad thing. : )


  2. Hey Cathie!
    Good to hear from you :) I am getting nervous that you are getting too busy! But that isn't a bad thing. I think we have all been a little busy and probably a little burnt out from Halloween and in much need of a break. This transitional period between now and the holidays is hard. Oh well.

    I love the new piece very nice and I love how you used the profile. I just for the first time ordered some studio canvas. Only 7/8th in" thick, I don't think I could handle the whole 1.5" HAHA.. Those are for the big leagues! It is almost like looking at a whole different painting around every corner.

    I ordered the canvas from Dick Blick online. They were reasonable. Do you stretch your own?

    Talk to you soon,


  3. The painting is enchanting. Yesterday I was looking for photos of my house and came across one at Christmas. Your painting has inspired me. My husband just might get a painting of our home after all.

  4. I love your Silver Lake painting...And I am so excited to be able to get out my decorations and see the "Believe" painting I bought from you last year!

  5. Hey Cathy; I love you new painting, it is so beautiful.
    Your trick or treater's are so sweet looking.


  6. What cutie pies those girls are!! I love you new Silver Lake painting! I'll have to check out your e-bay store! Keep up the wonderful work, you are a talented person!!

  7. your trick or treaters were so adorable and precious!!

  8. Your nieces are beautiful, Cathie!

    I've often thought, working the polls would be very tiring.

    Love the new painting and the story.

  9. hello cathy,
    what beautiful beautiful art you make! simply magical! i can stay here the whole day :) God bless and have a great weekend.

  10. Hi Cathie :)

    What a magical painting and story to match. I'm really excited for Christmas and being able to put out my decorations :)


  11. Oops! I almost forgot to mention how absolutely darling your little trick or treaters were! So cute!! :)


  12. Hi Cathie!
    Cute little girls!
    I love the new painting and how it wraps around the sides!


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