Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Candy Cane Cove Print and Big, Scary Spiders!

I know what you're thinking. It's way too early to even think of Christmas, but if I am going to get all of my Christmas prints listed, I have to get started now. Christmas paintings have to be started now as well or I won't get enough of them listed. I listed this little "Candy Cane Cove" painting in all my stores today. You can find links to my stores in the right hand column or check it out on Etsy here.

Mr. McDonnagal is the lighthouse keeper in this quaint little village. He hands out candy canes to everyone he meets during the month of December and greets them with a "Merry Christmas". He and his family have lived in the light house for 35 years. His father was the previous owner who inherited it from his grandfather. The candy cane tradition has been going on for many years and thus the name "Candy Cane Cove." Children for miles around have always thought that the lighthouse beam was meant to guide Santa and his reindeer to the families of the village.

I had just settled down with a nice cup of dark hot chocolate and lit my vanilla mint candle...

....when I spotted these big scary spiders creeping out of my clock. I caught one under this glass cloche.

I'm still trembling but thought I'd quickly tell you that I made this pedestal from this german made piece. I turn the cup upside down and placed the plate on top. The glass cloche was not a cloche at all. It's really a glass candle holder with the wire hanger removed.....now back to the creepy, scary spiders....
I found them hanging from the wire urn and on top of my ceramic pumpkin....
then, in the living room I found them on the coffee table and on my magazines...
Oh, my goodness, this bag is full of them! Someone call an exterminator!


  1. I LOVE the lighthouse painting, Cathie. It's really lovely.

    Your Halloween decorations are precious and I love your "scary" spiders! You are absolutely adorable, my sweet friend.


  2. I love the Candy Cane Cove print!! I wish we got snow like that here!

  3. Hi Cathie :)

    Those spiders sure are scary! You're so funny :)

    It looks like you had a great time out and about with your beautiful daughter. Gorgeous mums! I bought some this weekend too :)


  4. Hey Catherine; YIKES!!!!!!! I don't like spiders and snakes. You are going to need a HUGE NEWSPAPER. HAHA

    Really thought they are very cute. Love you print very beautiful.


  5. Love the painting...Christmas is just around the corner! I really like the candle holder you made. What a great idea!

  6. Cathie there you are I was begining to get nervous ;) haha. j/k. I am getting my christmas thoughts in gear. Hey with shipping time you have to start showing the stuff early! Anywho. PLEASE PLEASE tell me about the vanilla mint candle and where you might aquire such a thing. My two favorite sents in one!!! Stop pulling my leg.

    And those mums are breath taking!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a great day Cathie,


  7. I don't like spiders! Aargh. But I enjoyed your post! Thanks! Love Candy Cane Cove.

  8. Oh I love the little spiders. I wouldn't mid visiting that cozy cove either.

  9. Candy Cane Cove is beautiful!

  10. I'm ready to get in the mood for christmas - I love candy cane cove! And only you could make spiders look so adorable!

  11. I love Candy Cane Cove!

    Your spiders are so cute. I can tell you were really scared by them!!!

  12. Congratulation sweet friend...we gave you our very own "Designing for Life" Award...because your blog is truly, truly incredible!

    Stop by our blog to pick it up!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    smiles, kari & kijsa

  13. The vanilla mint candle must have a great aroma but those spiders..yuk. Only kidding. I think they are kind of cute and I love your other Autumn decorations.


  14. Love the painting, Catherine! Christmas will be here before we know it!

    Love all the little spiders!


  15. So nice to meet you fellow award winner:)
    Darling blog entry.


  16. Candy Cane Cove is beautiful and I think the "scary" spiders are adorable with their googly eyes. :)



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