Monday, July 21, 2008

Kitchen Cupboard Switcharoo!

Sorry that this first picture is a little blury. This shelving unit was built by my father several years ago and used to be in my daughter's room at our other home. When she got moved out on her own, I put it in the kitchen to house all my painted pieces. As I've gotten older, I realize how much I hate to dust! Those heart cutouts weren't my fave either. I've simplified a lot....
and therefore, I decided to bring home my painted cupboard that was in a shop where I used to sell on consignment. Several of the items on the shelves were sold (I kept the plates and mugs) and now this is what this section of the kitchen looks like:
The four panels are painted with the same cottage, but changing seasons. I'm much happier now that all I have to dust is the top of this cupboard and not all those shelves and all the items on it. My husband thinks I would sell anything that isn't attached and is never very happy when I sell these pieces. He's even remarked, " I guess I'll go to Winnie's house when I want to see your artwork." I'm not really attached to my pieces like he is.
I did keep those shelves though because they were made by my father. It's in storage for now.


  1. What a beautiful cupboard, Catherine. I love how you painted the four seasons on the front panels.
    You are so talented!


  2. Catherine,
    What a beautiful cupboard, and I love what you've painted on it. I especially love the side panel. wow. It does look great in your kitchen.

  3. Ow Catherine, I love your 4 seasons is just beautiful. Of course, less dusting is always a plus as well. : )

  4. Catherine, the cabinet is beautiful! I love how you painted the panels to represent the seasons.


  5. Oh I love that one Cathie! It is just beautiful!

  6. The tassle and rope on the side of the cupboard is the perfect touch!

    Oh! I see the black and white diamond edge too!

    Your details are delightful!!!!!

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  7. Cathie,

    I LOVE the cabinet. You are amazing, my friend. I am glad that you decided to keep the shelves that your father made. Sometimes sentiment is a very good thing! I am sure that you will pull out your Dad's handiwork, someday, and you will be very pleased that you saved it.



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