Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finishing the Painting

Step 6
Base the entrance and door. Shade the top and right side of all the yellow windows. This will add a warm glow.
Step 7
Paint the trim above and below the windows with a #4 flat and then outline the windows and paint the pane lines with thinned paint and a liner brush. I've also outlined below and to the right of each window pane (in yellow windows) with brown.

Step 8

Door and shutters are shaded and then highlighted. Add a door handle with the same yellow used for the windows using a liner. Shade the right side of the handle and then highlight with white and a liner.

Step 9

Stipple the bushes below the house with Black using an old fuzzy brush.

Final Stages

Stipple the bushes with two shades of green to give depth.

This gives you an idea of start to finish of painting a house. In my books, packets, and classes I gave much more detailed instructions and this would take up way too much space for this blog. Sometime I hope to figure out how to teach classes online. I taught for many years and dearly miss all the wonderful friends that I made during that time. Anyone having online class ideas, let me know in a comment.

This 16 inch x 20 inch painting was listed on eBay this evening. I finished it late and the photo isn't the greatest because of the lighting. I will try to take better pictures tomorrow and replace this one. That's what happens when I'm in a hurry. This one is titled Maple Ridge Manor.

The scent of smoke fills the air as evening arrives. Inside the Robertson home the family gathers by the fire wrapped in the warmth of sweaters and blankets. Lucy has just made chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate for her husband, Edwin, and their two children. This will bring a cheery smile to their sweet faces. Outside the warm glow of light from the windows adds a soft glow to the vibrant autumn hues of falling leaves. The leaves drift here and there as a gentle breeze tucks them into corners and on top of bushes like frosting on a cupcake.


  1. Hi Catherine, I've just visited your blog...that painting is amazing! I'm so jealous! Painting is something I am really not good at, I would like so much to be able to do what you do...I'll be visiting again!

  2. Absolute wonderful. I just want to cuddle next to the fire and have a cup of hot cocoa.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Beautiful painting! Those autumn leaves and the smoke curling from the chimneys look so good, on this hot July day! The story is great, too.

    I'm catching up today. As usual, I love coming here to see what you've been doing.


  4. Hi Catherine,
    This painting is wonderful! I can feel the warm coziness of the inside and the cool of autumn outside, it's beautiful.

    Thank you for showing the steps and techniques you use. Great info. You've inspired me!


  5. This is so beautiful! I love seeing all the different steps that went into making this art.

  6. I enjoy your paintings so much as well as the stories - it just evokes great warmth!


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