Sunday, December 9, 2007

Winter Has Arrived!

Winter has arrived in our little town. This really helped get me in the mood to finish decorating. I love the way everything looks with a fresh blanket of snow on it!
Snow always makes everything seem so peaceful and quiet.
Snow caps off the roof of this butterfly house.
I will have at least one more painting going on eBay before Christmas. It is a 16 x20 winter snow village scene. I didn't add Christmas details because I was afraid it was too late to sell another Christmas painting. But, if the winner wants evergreen and red bows, I will gladly add them after the auction ends. I hope to have it finished and listed this evening or by Monday evening. I may or may not have some smaller ones before Christmas. I would love to just relax and take it easy through Christmas, but I say that every year!

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  1. Catherine,
    Yes the pictures are so beautiful and peaceful...I enjoyed them.
    And thank you so much for stopping in and wishing dad a Happy Birthday. He was all smiles when I showed him the THANK YOU.


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