Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Winter Festival

This is my last large painting before Christmas. I may get a few smaller ones done, but I reallllllllly need a break and time to spend with family. I listed this one on eBay Monday evening. For a closer view, click on any of these photos. To go directly to this auction, click on the above title. This is not a Christmas painting, but if any bidder who reads my blog would like the evergreen, wreaths, and red bows added, I will gladly do that after the auction free of charge. Just email me and let me know.
The Winter Festival in the village of Pine Grove is an annual event that draws people for miles around. Snow has covered everything in sight just in time for this exhilarating event! Chili cookoffs, ice skating, snowman contests, and the Winter Swimming Championship are just a few of the scheduled events. Yes, I said swimming in the winter! This is the biggest event of the festival and big John Hanley, the light house keeper, has held the title for the past 6 years and he plans on keeping it. Smoke drifts from the chimneys into the brisk evening air and seems to hang there above the houses like small clouds, frozen in time. Lights from the distant buildings reflect and sparkle in the water below. Snow continues to gently fall and floats gracefully drifting toward the ground where it will glisten untouched until the villagers awake to the promise of a cold crisp day.

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