Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Progress of Folk Art Painting Christmas Magic

Progress of Folk Art Painting Christmas Magic

In between camping this summer in sweltering heat, I've been working on this painting.  To keep me motivated, I've been adding the Christmas decorations as I go instead of waiting until the end.

I've always referred to this stage as the icing on the cake and it's my favorite part of painting!  This is when the painting seems to take on life and I start writing the story in my head.

I can also see at this point where changes need to be made.

Adding the teeny, tiny people hanging decorations on the evergreen by the church put my eyes to the test after vision correction and cataract surgery several months ago.

This doesn't seem like the best choice of location according to the look on the snowman's face.

Hope everyone has enjoyed summer this year because I can honestly say that I'm ready for a long fall season!


  1. I got a taste of fall today with a high temp of 69°... made for great lawnmowing weather.

    So many details in your paintings and a whole lot of charm. With your surgery behind you, it
    must be a joy to paint again. Your commentary on the snowman made me laugh.

  2. I am loving this painting! Just looking at it has cooled me off from this crazy hot Florida summer!


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