Thursday, May 28, 2020

Summer Folk Art Painting and How to Have Fun on a Farm

What have you been doing during this time of isolation?  I did finally work on trying to finish my painting yesterday.  Who would love to live on a farm right now if we have to be at home and make our own fun?  

I'm tired of everyone criticizing everyone online and the media pitting us against each other.  No one is right because this is new and no one knows whats best.  This I do know about myself, if I had children to feed and no income coming in, I would be going back to work.  No, that doesn't mean I want more people to die.  It means I want to feed my family so they don't go hungry.  I have a mother who I miss dearly who is in a nursing home.    That's what I miss the most, my mother.  We are Americans and need to pray for and love each other and do what we have to do to get back to normal and not make this the "new normal".  What do you miss?

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  1. There are some terms being wafted about that freak me out. "New normal" is one of them. I agree with you. Not even the experts agree and not even one expert maintains the same position for six weeks at a time. This chasing people around yelling and cursing at them is disgusting and bullying. I hope that people will calm down and use common sense.


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