Friday, August 31, 2018

Dreaming of Autumn

I should have titled this Surviving the Summer of 2018!  I started off by fracturing the radial head in my left arm during a stiff armed fall in my garden.  This is the part of the long bone that allows your arm to bend, straighten and rotate.   This is supposed to rotate next to the elbow.  I'm not great at explaining, but needless to say my gardening days this summer were quickly ended.  Along with an attack of Japanese Beetles and a drought, I lost a lot of plants and grass this year.  I spent several weeks in physical therapy and now I'm feeling great once again.  I can't complain because I wasn't in a lot of pain, but could not use my arm.  I should have tried painting with one arm, but I always hold my canvas with my left hand.  It was sort of a challenge to see how much I could do with one arm.

We left the heat behind a few weeks ago and headed for Colorado with our family.  It was a dream vacation for sure!  We always go to Rainbow Lake in Buena Vista, but also took several day trips. Our kids were our good luck charm because we got to see our first moose along with her baby in the lake in front of our cabin.  There were always plenty of deer roaming through town, chipmunks, and also a baby bear running down the sidewalk.    

Now that I'm rested, healed and refreshed from all that mountain air, I'm ready to pick up those brushes and get back to work. 

It felt so good to start a new painting!  How was your summer?  I'm so ready for autumn and some cooler weather.  

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