Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Autumn Morning Pondering

This morning I woke up following the dogs down the stairs into the kitchen.  

As I turned on the lights the dogs ran to go outside.  I picked up their bowls and filled them with food and turned around to see their smiling faces at the back door wanting in out of the cold.  Before they get their food I have to give Jersey, my little black and white cattle dog, her heart medication because she won't take it if I give it to her after she eats.  

I then grab a cup of coffee that I started the night before and sat down at the stools by the counter.   Lady, my Golly (Golden and Collie mix)  won't eat unless I sit there at the counter. 

This is our morning routine that we do each and every day.  My dogs are aging and have health issues and they are our a huge part of our family.  We have a rountine and we stick to it which makes the rest of the morning go so much smoother.  

As I was sitting at the counter looking out at the backyard which is west, I was amazed at the golden glow that was cast on everything.  I ran to the front door on the east side of the house to see the most amazing sunrise.  Long ago I gave up trying to photograph and capture the colors because I simply can't capture God's amazing handiwork.  So, I'll just take my time and then continue the rest of my morning routine and be thankful that He brought it to my attention on a simple morning while sitting at the counter drinking my coffee. 

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  1. Sounds like your dogs need their routine as much as people do. Jersey looks she knows she has to take her medicine and Lady knows she has to wait too. So cute.


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