Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Autumn Painting and Crochet Shrug Project

This morning I woke up to temps in the 40's.  I made my way down the stairs and went straight away to the thermostat and turned on the heat for the first time this fall.  I love the scent the furnace gives off when you turn it on.  I'm sure that aroma is hot dust, but I love it just the same.

I made my daily trek (this is now considered exercise at my age) back upstairs and sat down at my paint table to work on one of these two projects.  I keep my sketch on top of my painting to protect it while I crochet.  As I slid it down to remind me what I started working on over a year ago, I realized the colors in my crochet shrug match my painting!  I think I'll just paint for a while and then go back to working on this shrug later in the day.

What are you doing this fall?


  1. I love that smell too! We are just biding our time waiting to close on our new house. Then I will be busy making it our home.

  2. It has been a while since I last visited. Life has changed quite a bit since I was an active part of the blogging world (although, I do recall constantly apologizing at the beginning of a post of my absence!!) Anywho, I now have two businesses, a retail shoppe and a studio wherein I teach creative workshops for women and children. One of our town's organizations brought to me a fun opportunity for my young artists to enter a design competition for a t-shirt publication - - theme is a small town Christmas. Guess who I thought of right away for inspiration??? The incredible Cathie Holman! So, I sat myself down with my coffee this morning and googled your name for images that I can share with my students to inspire their own creativity. I was immediately brought into the most delightful world that simply warmed my heart ... the towns and stories that you create not only are exquisitely crafted, but are paintings that capture the imagination of stepping into one of your scenes to take in all of the enchanting detail. You, your words and your art have blessed me with comfort over the years ... and I just wanted you to know. Wishing you bliss on this fall day, dear girl!

  3. I see your painting peeking out and the colors do match your crocheting. Both look great for fall. "Hot dust" made me laugh, but I know what you mean. I like the spring air smell myself and one of my sons prefers the air conditioner smell. I'm getting ready to go on a quilting retreat and spend a few days with like minded women. I'm so tempted to crochet after seeing your cute pumpkins in another post, but need to not start too many things.


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