Thursday, April 21, 2016

Remodeling the Staircase

I just spent hours trying to figure out where my blog disappeared to.  I learned a big lesson from a major mistake on my part.  When I purchased my google domain name last year and dropped the "blogspot", I never thought any more about it until recently when I tryed to get on my blog and it was no longer there.  Finally I realized that I hadn't gotten my yearly renewal reminder for my domain name.  I checked my email again and several hours later remembered that I had to set up a gmail account when I registered my name. Having never used this email account for anything else, there the reminders were sitting in my gmail account waiting to be paid.  It was due the middle of March and after 30 days they dropped my blog from view.  Luckily I found out what was wrong before 60 days when it would have been deleted.  It only costs $12 to renew each year and I now had to pay $112 to restore my blog.  That was a whopping $100 mistake on my part.  Lesson learned!    

In case you were wondering, this is where we are at on the staircase remodel.  The stairs are all in, I filled all the nail holes, and sanded.  They are now ready to be stained and varnished.  I'm waiting for a string of nice weather for at least 3-4 days so I can open the windows for ventilation.


  1. Yikes! I am so glad you got your blog back. The stairs are looking great!!

  2. Scary! Glad that it is all sorted. Did you set up an alert for next year?

    That's a lot of work on the stairs and they look just wonderful. Hope that you soon catch the weather days you need for completing the task.

  3. Your stairs look good. I am afraid of what is beneath the carpet that's been in place since we purchased this house in 2005. We have to take it up from the floor anyway (another scary unknown). Sorry for your blog domain near miss. I would miss your site. Alexine in Maryland


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