Saturday, January 2, 2016

Sweet Quiet Mornings

I love getting up early in the morning almost like a child rising early on Christmas morning.  Walking quietly down the stairs trying not to trip over our dog, Lady, who insists on sleeping at the top, I start turning on lamps and the Christmas lights.  Taking my coffee, devotional, and diary to my favorite seat I plop myself down.  I need this quiet time with the Lord each morning before I start the day.  

This is the view from where I sit with legs curled up under me, knowing full well I won't be able to walk properly once I untangle them.  Sitting in the dark, the lights from the Christmas tree reflect in the black t.v. screen and the white lights of the flocked tree dance across the varnished wood floors.

Even the idea of taking down all this "Joy" is a little disheartening.  Rick prefers I leave it up until his birthday is over and that's always been just fine with me.   

Do you rush to take down your Christmas decorations or like a child, want to hang on to the magic just a little longer?


  1. I have not taken my tree down. I know I should but there is something wonderful in sitting in he living room at night with those twinkling lights on

  2. Happy New Year Catherine, I've never been an early riser, I love to sit in the dark in the late evening in the glow of the Christmas lights, taking in the smell of the pine. So peaceful and magical with the tiny colored lights twinkling and reflecting off the tree decorations. I find myself gazing around the tree and remembering the story of each hanging ornament, some old, some new, some the kids made, others gifts, others representing the birth of the Christ child, or other. It seems the older I get the longer I put off digging around in the basement to find all the decor to put out then I don't want to put it away once it is up. My husband made the announcement yesterday that the tree will be taken down today Sunday and everything will be back to normal before we all go back to work tomorrow. He's probably right, the tree has begun to drop allot of needles. Hugs,

  3. Magical! I love the look too! Just not so early in the morning!

  4. I love to leave my tree up too, I'm afraid I cannot get up before it's day light, usually if I get up and it's dark, ... I'm on my way out someplace.


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