Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Our New Hardwood Floor

We are so very happy with our new floors in our family room, t.v. room, lodge room.  I call it the t.v. room and Rick calls it his lodge room.  I should have cleaned the glass on the stove door before taking that picture.  That's my sweet girl, Jersey, who decided to photo bomb at the last second.  She really doesn't like to have her picture taken.

The dogs aren't sure they like the new floors.  They seemed to prefer the warmth of the grungy old berber carpet.  They do have cozy dog beds though.

The floors have 3 different size boards and are more rustic than they appear in these pictures.

My favorite part of this old house is the fireplace. I was so excited to hang our new stockings that I bought when we were in Colorado this summer.  When we first moved into this house, I was bent over cleaning the hearth and raised up hitting my head on the corner of that stone mantel.  It nearly knocked me out!

My new curtains came for this room yesterday.  The cords on the old ones that raised and lowered them had rotted from the sun and no longer function.  I'm crossing my fingers that I like how the new curtains look once they are up.  I may have to order a bamboo blind for that door window that I forgot about!


  1. Your floors are wonderful! I love that fireplace too. It looks like a wonderfully cozy room.

  2. What a cozy, charming room! The floors look fantastic. I have that problem with cupboard doors...tunking my head that is. Hope we get to see the new curtains...


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