Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lodge Room Flooring Makeover

While everyone out there in blogland is busy sharing their Christmas decorations this is what is happening in our house.  

The carpet is out and the guys came today to remove this nasty original hardwood flooring.  There were several boards that were going to have to be replaced if we were going to refinish it. 

Damaged flooring from the old radiators....

Tin nailed over holes in the floor and a couple boards had dry rot....

This is what was under the hardwood flooring.  I really didn't think it would be running diagonally.   Maybe I'm weird, but I kind of like it.  The new hardwood flooring will be put down tomorrow.  I can't wait!

 It's a little tough to decorate for Christmas when you have two rooms piled into one.  My family isn't happy that I'm talking about painting over the stenciling in this room.  I've had it for almost 15 years and I'm pretty tired of the grapevines.  I'll show you the finished floors soon! 


  1. Now that is a huge project! I know the floors will be beautiful when you are finished.

  2. Once it was done, you must have been so happy. The hardest part is over now!


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