Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Retro Bathroom Before Images

Thought I would share all the before pictures of each room of Eric's house that he recently bought and then I will show you the "during stages" before I share the "after" images.  My sister and I recently removed the old wallpaper from this room and I got all the paste scrubbed off yesterday.  The tile is in great condition and we love the old retro look of this bathroom.  Thank goodness Eric does too because it would cost quite a bit more than he'd want to spend to redo this whole bathroom.  He did insist that the pink wallpaper had to go.  

Remember the coral glass doorknob I shared in a previous post?  I love this green one!  

He would like to replace those facets to something more retro.  But for now they work.  Is it hard to find individual facets, because I haven't seen any at Lowe's or Home Depot?

I love built in cabinets!  The house has a new furnace and AC but they left all the old heat grates and radiators.

I know retro bathrooms don't suit everyone but we thought this was a treasure especially since it's in great shape!


  1. I think this one is something to be very pleased's great!

  2. Love it!! You're killing me with the doorknobs!!! I have several antique brass ones I use for curtain draw/tie backs. Never had any glass/crystal. Thanks for sharing Eric's new home with us. :)

  3. I love it! My kind of place, and, the door knobs, what a treasure!

  4. How pretty. And I thought that we were the only ones with that aqua-ish color ceramic tile bathroom, We also lovingly call it "hospital green" as it looks like the color of medical scrubs, lol! Retro is a favorite in our decorating.


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