Friday, May 30, 2014

Butler's Pantry Before Photos

Yesterday we got started on the butler's pantry at Eric's house.  I love these built in cabinets!  This is the view through his office doors.

A view from the office with the doors open.  How about that 70's light fixture.  Our daughter, Amber, is taking that.  It really doesn't go in this period of home.  I'll have to share the history of this house sometime.  It's very interesting!

I think this home was really meant for Eric.  See his ghost in the doorway.  

There are great glass doorknobs throughout the house.  Love this color.

The swinging door you pass through to the kitchen:

Don't you just love the detail in these cabinets?

Rick and Eric removed the ceiling tile in this room.  Did you notice that light fixture is gone too?

Eric looks a little doubtful.

They've got a lot of patching to do.

Eric and I got that wallpaper removed and the walls are in need of lots of repair.  It will be a labor of love though. 

I'll try to remember to take a photo of the outside of the house today.  Back to work!


  1. Great house with lots of cool details. Love the gothic design on tha cabinets in the Butlers Pantry... It's so much more fun to work on someone else's home. I hope that Eric will spend lots of happy hours in his new home.

  2. So much charm and love the cathedral glass in the cabinet doors. You guys are going to have such fun helping Eric decorate! He is a lucky guy!!

  3. This is an amazing house and it will be so much fun to watch it turn into the beauty it is suppose to be!

  4. how luxurious a butler's pantry with wonderful doors. Why would someone need to put ceiling tiles in? I'd be curious about that. You'll be shopping for some wonderful fixture to replace that 70's one.

  5. I am jelly! Such character all the way around!

  6. It is wonderful, so many possibilities!! Dale said do you remember helping us with our house??? He is very handy and would be more than happy to come help ( I should say play)!!

  7. oh, gosh...what a great house....

  8. Wow! I love Eric's home! just my kind of place. They just don't built homes like this anymore with all the beautiful cabinets and all the little extra's. I look forward to seeing more...
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth


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