Friday, April 11, 2014

A New Spring Apron

I finished my apron last week and completely forgot to photograph how I used grandma's old apron as a pattern.  Basically I just folded her apron along the seam lines and laid it on my new fabric and cut it out.  Her apron had darts, but mine doesn't and it really doesn't fit any differently.

I asked Amber to model it for me because I do dislike having my picture taken.  It's a little hard to wear an apron with a cowl.

I thought spring would never get here.  Yesterday I woke up to this weeping cherry tree in bloom when just the day before it was covered in buds.  It's always the first thing to bloom and reminds me of fireworks!  

Let's take a closer look.  See that nest in the center?  I'll be keeping my eyes on that.  

Spring is my favorite time of year in the garden.  I have so much to tend to and need to get out and get those leaves out of the beds.  How is your spring so far?


  1. Spring has arrived in your corner! After a long, cold winter, there is much work to be done in the gardens. Amber models the apron the vintage look fabric!

  2. Love your spring announcement, beautiful blooms and nest too. I'm at a painting convention. Are your ears burning? You were being hailed as on "heck" of a great painter. Spring is slowly creeping in here as well, I cleaned up a few leaves, and lifted the leaf screen off the pond. But, last night I had something/someone run down the side of the house and disrupt the barbeque, the work bench and the tupperware container I have out there with my table vice. (yes, I keep my table vice in a tupperware container, to keep it clean and off my toes.) Creepy or was it a raccoon. I haven't found any fish in my pond yet either. Sometimes they wait for warmer sunnier days. Things are looking up, aren't they.

  3. Your apron turned out great. The flowering tree is so beautiful. I love this time of the year too.

  4. What a beautiful tree! WOW! It is covered in blooms! Love the new apron...does it tie in back or button? I'm looking for a pattern that doesn't have a strap across the back of the neck...that bugs me! lol And have you cut your hair short? I see your facebook photo and you look so cute! Enjoy your evening my friend! Hugs!

  5. What a cute apron! Your weeping cherry tree is absolutely gorgeous ~ a sure sign that spring is here!

  6. What a beautiful apron! So springy!


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