Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cupcake Snack Jars

I promise that this is the end of my cupcake ceramic posts.  Yes, these are based on my cupcake paintings and I wish I had some to sell.  I simply don't have time to order and ship in time for Christmas.  You can check for them on Amazon and I've seen some on eBay.  

How cute would this be with some of your fresh baked Christmas treats!

….and for those lovers of the color pink!

Hopefully I will be finishing up my new Christmas folk art painting next week.  I do wish I had more time for decorating.  I'm planning ahead next year!


  1. They are wonderful! I love the first one. Okay...I'll have to check on Amazon...

  2. I did get on Amazon and couldn't locate any of your designs but I will keep checking! The trinket boxes are completely amazing and adorable!


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