Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Come and Join Me In The Garden

I've been playing in the garden this morning and found this little visitor trying to enter the church.  You'd think he would try the rather large door below.   Maybe he's just peeking in on the congregation.  Not sure if it's a huge fly or what it is.

I'm thinking it a large fly with very fancy wings...

I've been editing my photos today with PicMonkey and have been pretty happy so far.

At 6:30 am every day I'm up and watering to try and keep everything alive in this sweltering heat.

My grass is fried but my petunias are still happy!

 The impatiens are pretty happy as well...

I'm also having fun making collages on PicMonkey...

Is your grass fried?  I'm talking about your lawn.

Catherine Holman


  1. Hahahaha...no. Thank goodness, all this rain that we had for weeks on end proved beneficial. So the grass is green.

    I've been reading all over Blogdom that so many are needing rain, that they've not been able to keep the lawn, the garden, the flowers going. It's so sad. I'm praying that you'll all get the rain you need.

    Don't you love PicMonkey? I'm enjoying seeing what you've done.

  2. Yup, our grass is fried, my neighbor has been up early too, and since our front yard are joined she's been kind enough to use a large sprinkler. I do the back yards and she does the fronts. I've now invested in some soaker hoses. So far not bad. Love your guest, but I especially love your fork. I couldn't quite make out what it says. Happy watering.

  3. Your flowers still are beautiful! I'm watering at night. Just came in after 2 hrs. worth. But I found some cucumbers that have been hiding from us! Flowers in pots are the way to go. My Hostas in pots look much much better than the ones planted in the ground!

  4. Your pictures are pretty....this heat is getting to everyone!

  5. Catherine,

    Your stamped fork looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I love your church visitor. But that photography....you go girl!



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