Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Notecard Party

Below are May's picks for Vee's Notecard Party.  These photos are evenings in Madrid during our trip in 2010.

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Catherine Holman



  1. I like these. I loved Spain when we visited many years ago. Travel cards!!! Nice selection for Vee's party.

  2. Oh they are so unique. The first one of looking into the shop and seeing that handsome man ☺ and then all that produce in the next shot. They'd make terrific note cards documenting your travels. My niece visited Spain and loved it above all the other countries she visited, which included France and Italy. I was surprised by that.

  3. All your photos are great...the last one, though, is just stunning! Makes me want to travel! This is a fun link-up, isn't?

  4. Oh man. These are great. I was wowed by the side street and then the last one. Amazing. Love this party.

  5. Cathie, those photos are just fabulous!

  6. Great travel theme. I want to travel there. Probably never ever will. Thanks for giving me a brief but lovely glimpse ... lovely except for the first photo with I don't even want to know what "it" is wearing the sunglasses ... sort of a hoot and sort of freaky at the same time, but a great photo because photos are suppose to evoke reactions!


  7. Catherine
    What a great place to visit!
    Is that a pig's head on display?
    The photos are just beautiful.


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