Friday, May 4, 2012

Dog Days of Summer Folk Art Painting

I had a great time with this painting even though it seemed to go on forever.  I kept adding little dogs here and there and had to stop before the pound showed up in the painting.  I've listed this painting on eBay and it's scheduled to start tonight.

 Every morning at half past nine, Fern leaves home for her morning walk with her dog Foster. As they pass the library Foster quickens his pace toward the entrance to his favorite shop, Bone Appetit. Camped outside his doorway, Henry notices his regular morning customers have lined up and reaches into his apron pocket to make sure he has treats to hand out before he unlocks the door for the day. As Jake and his dog, Lady, round the corner into town and pass in front the Snip ‘n Clip hair salon, he notices Fern in her pretty red and white dotted dress. This may just be the day he gets up enough nerve to ask her if she’d care to join him for a soda at Broomfield’s General Store. Of course this will have to wait until Foster and Lady have had their choice of gourmet treats at his pal, Henry’s shop.

 Don't you wish you could just jump into this scene and go have a soda at Broomfield's General Store with Fern and Jake?

Note the little dog playing catch with his owner and the lonely dog at the top of the hill...

These two have captured the heart of Henry, the owner of Bone Appetit.

Jake's dog appears to be a cross between a collie and a wart hog.  Oh, the joy of folk art!

Dog guarding the door to his stone cottage...

The scene wraps around the 1 1/2" edges and doesn't need a frame.

I think I'm ready to paint something fattening and quick like some cupcakes!

Catherine Holman


  1. So cool. I don't think Jake would like it if we joined him and Fern, though. Sounds as if he's been waiting for his moment. Great painting! It'll get snagged quickly.

  2. I love this, Catherine! I absolutely love it. It's just so filled with charm, happiness, simple pleasures - just wonderful. I can just picture myself walking down that very
    friendly and happy street, saying hello to people I knew along the way on my stroll, first
    checking out the new fabrics in the quilt shop and then into Broomfield's for a shake (or perhaps an eggcream, my favourite, like my own dad used to make in his candy store/luncheonette/soda fountain many years ago).

    And I love the name 'Bone Appetit'! It's perfect and made me giggle out loud.

    I think it'd be brilliant to have a calendar made up of a variety of your paintings. I'd be one of the first in the queue to buy one.

    Thanks for sharing this one, Catherine, and for taking us on your journey as you were painting it.

  3. Oh! And one more thing! I forgot to mention how much I love that stone cottage, as well. You've really captured that special something that a stone cottage has. There's an energy. A natural energy that a stone cottage truly does have. It's a bit wonderfully hobbit-y too, vibe-wise, even though it's not round like a hobbit home is. Wonderful!

  4. Catherine, I love seeing this one finished, it is perfect. Love the way it stretches around the side and of course, love the dog theme being a dog owner myself.


  5. I want to move here. I'll live on the hill with my cat, Piper :)

    You are amazing.

    Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us!


  6. I love it mom! I think I saw Thumper in there:) Made me smile! Love you!

  7. a beautiful happy have talent!

  8. Oh, I love it! I'm trying to decide which house I want to move into! Enjoy your week!


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