Monday, February 6, 2012

Give Away Winner & DIY Project

The winner of the Valentine Cupcake Painting is Nika from Russia.  Nika and her family have a wonderful ministry for the people there and she writes about it in her blog.  Stop in and congratulate her. 

For a while now we have been putting up with a leaky faucet in our kitchen and my husband had tried everything to fix it, but to no avail, it was time for a new faucet.  We made a trip to Lowe's this weekend and came back with what I'm trying to tell myself looks like an old pump.  I didn't want something too modern looking in my kitchen.    DIY projects always lead to everything looking like a mess until it's finished.  It also had me throwing out a lot of stuff from under the sink.

Notice the Hot Pink wall under the sink.  Someone down the line who lived here before us must have loved the color pink. I've mentioned replacing our pink countertops several times.  The problem is, when you own an old house, things come up like wiring, plumbing, furnace noises that sound like ghosts howling, and on and on.  Therefore, the things that are noticeable to the eye like countertops, new wood on entry stairs, remodeling the kitchen and bath are put to the back of the list.  However, paint is cheap and I am planning on painting those cabinets very soon. 

I'm pretty happy with that new faucet!  It's actually something noticeable.

What home improvement projects have you been doing?


  1. Congratulations Nika!! Cathie I love your new faucet!

  2. Congratulations to Nika, she will love having one of your amazing paintings to brighten her day, everyday...
    Gary and I were at Lowes this weekend too and we purchased two new faucets for our master bedroom bathroom that we are re-molding with a new cabinet, counter and faucets..
    I saw the one you chose for your kitchen and I loved it..the perfect touch and its so pretty too. It looks wonderful and isn't it nice having a one handle faucet!
    I love your open cabinets..
    Have a sweet day my friend,

  3. I cannot believe! I am the winner!!!! Thank you very much!!! We happy shall have yours painting in our house! It will remind us about you for a pray and blessings! With all our love from Russia Nika

  4. Congrats to Nika! Love your new faucet. It is perfect!

  5. Congrats to Nika!

    Your new faucet looks great. I like it a lot. What color are you going to paint your cabinets? (I've said that I'm going to paint mine for four years. No one believes me anymore.;)

    Thanks for your tip on the photography book, which I did purchase. I've been reading and reading and reading...

  6. Congratulations to Nika, Love your faucet!. I know of what you speak, we did a major renovation in our home about 5 years ago, and quite honestly it's still not back to normal. I'm sick of it, the mess, the moving stuff from one are to another. And it's a snowballing effect, you fix one thing and another breaks. UGH.

  7. Your faucet is neat! I need a new toilet seat! One that doesn't slip around!

  8. We've been redecorating my art studio and it's nearly done now. Just got a few more bits n pieces to do. Next is our music room, half way done with that. I love transforming our home into a place that reflects our style. It's the first time we've decorated in this home. Blessings Niki x

  9. Congrats to Nika! And I love the new's just my style!


  10. Hi Catherine, I have the same problem at the moment, a leaky faucet... it has been a real pain in the neck and frankly, it needs to get fixed soon.

    I really like the new fixture you picked out, very pretty and antique looking. Hope your valentines day was a good one.


  11. Your new faucet is great! Sooo cute with the hot pink.

    I've seen you on FAA selling cupcake prints. Now I found you on Blogcatalog. Wonderful blog!

  12. I love your pink counter tops!


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