Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Olivia's Orange Apron Cupcake Painting

Before my husband and I left this past weekend for a trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, I listed this painting on eBay:

Olivia works for her best friend Ruby at her Cupcakery. She designs and makes the aprons that they wear at work and also sells them to the customers. Between Ruby's famous cupcakes and Olivia's fashionable aprons the two have become quite the entrepreneurs in their small community. 

Olivia also loves French pedicures and Ruby's culinary creations!

This painting would be cute hanging side by side with:

Both paintings are available on eBay.

We had a fabulous time in Eureka Springs staying in a quaint log cabin and driving around looking at the beautiful scenery and colorful autumn leaves!  Now I have lots of catching up to do this week and new paintings to start. 
Are the leaves changing in your area yet?


  1. I love both of the paintings and you always have the best stories to go with each one! I love Arkansas...was born and grew up there! We hope to drive back up to NC to see the leaves! Just GREEN here in Florida! ♥

  2. How cute!! I love the flip flops and French manicure on her toes!! Awesome!!

  3. Hi Hi, I love the flip- flops and the toes. How sweet these paintings are.
    Great job!
    Have a phantastic weekend

  4. catherine, I love both these paintings, just wonderful.


  5. Oh I do love her French pedicure. Sounds like a great story...you could write mysteries based around the Cupcakery.

    I remember a lovely trip to Eureka Springs way back when. Glad that you and your hubby had the chance to get away and explore such a charming little community. It's so quaint and adorable. Bet it gave you lots of ideas for painting.


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