Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gluten Free Cupcakes in a Jar

"Black Cherry Gluten Free Cupcakes in a Jar"

Recently we celebrated my father in law's 79th birthday and I knew that my daughter, Amber, wouldn't be able to eat any cake due to her gluten free diet.  I found this recipe at Whipperberrie's blog and decided to substitute a gluten free cake mix for the regular cake mix.  These are baked directly in the jars (1/2 pints). Gluten free does not raise as much as a regular mix.
 Check out the link for the recipe.
Click here.
I think she likes them! 
The frosting is very good because it's not very sweet and it was very light.
Try these out at your next party.  Believe me they were a big hit!


  1. I love the jars. Are they canning jars? They're perfect for cupcakes. Thank you!!!

  2. Sounds wonderful. I'll be needing this recipe for my teachers big do, in September. Thanks Catherine.

  3. Cathie, those cupcakes look so yummy!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  4. The cupcakes look so yummy, Cathie!
    Mmmm, and I love the cherries on top!

  5. Hi Catherine, these look so fabulous, wish I could have one long distance.



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