Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Enjoying the end of Summer

We have a family dinner at our house almost every Saturday.  This weekend we enjoyed tomatoes fresh from the garden, a yummy jello salad (and yes that's cheese on top), coconut cream pie,...
and pulled pork sandwiches.  That salad looks strange; but believe me, it's good!
Not only will it be the end of sweet juicy tomatoes, but the end of my flowers will be upon us too. 

I will miss opening my gate each time I come home and being welcomed by this cheery scene....
and this...
By the time August arrives I have to admit that I'm tired of watering all the plants that I put into pots each year.  I always tell myself that I'm cutting back.  I don't really see that happening anytime soon.
Enjoy what God has blessed us with for the remainder of the summer, because soon the cold and snow of winter will be upon us.
I have to admit, I love that too. 


  1. Mmm, that all looks good! And its nice to know that somewhere there's a garden that's not completely burnt up ;) hope you're having a great summer!~

  2. My flowers are not going to be getting a lot of attention anymore either. They look pathetic and I'm not in the mood to doctor them on.

    Are you sharing that salad with the cheese topping recipe?

  3. Aw yes indeed, fall will be upon us soon. I can't wait, I love fall and its been so hot in my neck of the woods. I will welcome fall with open arms... Your garden really is so pretty and lush... I hope one day my yard will be as pretty...
    Have a sweet day, hugs~Elizabeth

  4. I enjoy summer but this year it has been so hot I am ready for Fall! All your food looked good! I love your garden!!

  5. I'm the same way; I say I'm going to cut back too, but by the time spring rolls around again I just can't wait to get planting. I can't get enough flowers!

  6. Would you mind sharing the recipes? Especially for the Jello Salad. But the pie looks so Yummy!


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