Monday, January 11, 2010

Party Time!!!

I've been a little slow on the draw since Christmas. I just got all the decorations put away and now the house looks completely undressed. It always looks like something is missing at this point. Does anyone but me usually find some little Christmas item that you forget to take down like two or three weeks after you've put everything away?
After New Years we move right along to my sweet hubbie's birthday. We went out to eat with our son in law, Scott, and daughter, Amber. Happy Birthday honey!

We then returned to Amber and Scott's house for a little cake and some fun....

Aren't we too old for this big the little lady how it's done! This was our first experience at playing Wii. Notice I didn't share any pictures of me doing this!
Amber had the sweetest post on her blog for her daddy. It almost made me cry. You can check it out
Also, our son Eric, spent several day with his friend Cody, traipsing throughout Rome and you can check out his photos and post here.


  1. Everyone looks so wonderful! I have never played with or on a Wii. They look like fun though! Happy Birthday to your hubbie!

  2. What fun family photos. I love the one of you and your daughter and the one of your daughter and husband playing. I played with a Wii last summer hopping and stamping about...nope. No way would I ever show a picture of myself doing it. Ha! Off to read the tribute and to see some photos.

  3. Cathie, looks like a wonderful time had by all! I'm glad you posted today, I've missed you!

  4. Happy Birthday to your Hubby... Such wonderful Family photos,, every one sure is having fun... I told my Hubby that I really wanted a Wii.. hope I get one for my Birthday..... have a great week..


  5. Actually, I'm leaving the two Christmas prints I ordered from you in their white wooden frames on the piano until Spring. I have red in my living room and with all of the snow we've had in Chicago land this past month...the prints fit right in. :>)

  6. Hi Cathie :)

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!

    Annie has a wii, but I've never played... shhhh... don't tell anyone ;)

    I love your new kitchen color!

    Happy New Year!


  7. Hi Catherine,
    so true what you wrote about removing the christmas- decoration.
    The hous looks poorer, And yes, I allway forget something.
    And often enopugh, something that is so obvious infront of my nose (hi hi).
    Glad you had such a good day.
    I can´t wait to see more of your sweet art.
    I wish you you a wonderful, creative and healthy year 2010.

  8. ÙHey sounds like you guys had a great time..and playing the wii..I also love the wii..Stopped by your daughters blog..Didnt think you guys were as cold as us...Stay warm..

  9. So glad we got to hang out for dad's bday. We will have to have you over again to play the wii some more! Too fun. Love you!

  10. Looks like you all had a good time!
    I always forget some Christmas decorations when I get them all packed away! This year it was my nesting Santas that my mom painted for me years and years ago!

  11. Dear Catherine,
    thank you so much for your dear comment.
    I really appreciate that.
    I think you are right, I may have found my style.
    I just started painting one year ago (after a break of almost 10 years)and I had to try many technics and subjects (I ssuppose I still have).
    You have been an inspiration to me, and your book has helped me to paint with acrylic painting.
    Again, thank you for that.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Love, Janine

  12. looks like a lot of fun Catherine! Love your paintings as always!! Happy New Year!


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