Monday, November 9, 2009

Copper Springs Autumn Village Folk Art Painting

"Copper Springs"
I've been working on this painting for a few weeks which is longer than it usually takes me to paint a scene this size.  I listed this last night on ebay and you can find it here.

Stella gets up before daylight every morning and goes downstairs to start mixing her sweet confections at the Cupcake Cottage. Her best friend Dorothy, lives just down the street above Willow Fashions and joins her every morning bright and early. Dorothy sips her first cup of coffee as she leans her elbows on the counter cradling the mug between her hands. All the while Stella is mixing a batch of her pumpkin cupcakes while her friend recounts the events of the previous day. This routine has been going on for years and isn't likely to change anytime soon. They both have lots of work to do at their respective shops preparing for the Fall Festival which is in two days. Families will be filling the streets sampling treats like warm sugared pecans, candied peppers, funnel cakes, and fudge from street vendors. Craft booths will line the streets and music will fill the air as local students play the fiddle gathering a crowd of people clapping their hands and stomping their feet. This is a yearly event in the little village of Copper Springs nestled in the hilly countryside.

I would like to thank everyone for the continued well wishes for my mother.  She is doing much better and is now driving once again. 
I will be decorating my blog for Christmas soon!


  1. such a pretty painting!

    I'm glad to hear your mother is doing better now :-)

  2. Hi Cathie,
    Love the painting and the story to go with it. You know, I think that you need to write a book about all of these lovely characters in your paintings. It reminds me of some other books I have read. Really, I am serious!

  3. We're so happy you're back!!! I love this painting, especially the way you wrapped it around the sides.
    I'm so happy that your Mom is doing so much better.

  4. Cathie, it was so great to see you on here! I missed you! I absolutely love the new painting! It is gorgeous!!

  5. How lovely. Well worth the wait.

  6. I just love this one. Miss talking to you. Hope you've been well. I took a little hiatus from blogging and painting while I designed a few websites. I'm so glad to be back to the feel of a wet brush in one hand and a cup of hot cocoa in the other!

  7. Beautiful painting Cathie! I'm so glad your mother is doing well. It's very stressful when a loved one is sick. Thanks for commenting on my Cathie Holman inspired chair! It's not even close to yours but I gave it the old college try!

  8. This is a beautiful painting Catherine...well worth the extra time it took. : )


  9. Gorgeous gorgeous Cathy! I will never get tired of seeing your amazing work


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