Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Flower Garden and Another House Portrait

I truly wish I had more time to spend in my garden. It's one of my favorite pastimes, whether I'm working or just relaxing among all the wonderful fragrances. This is the first year for my thornless climbing rose bush. Also pictured are my pink knockout roses and my pink peonies. Do you think I like pink?

Click on any photo for a closer view.

I also love the tiny pink blooms on this perennial geranium.

Pink dianthus line the sidewalk and take over at times.

White campanula and purple columbine. I can't believe they aren't pink!

Another view through the campanula looking towards my weeping cherry tree. It bloomed so early this year that I didn't get photos of it. I had to keep covering it to keep the frost from killing it.

....and in the front we have red knockout roses surrounding a weeping mulberry tree.

I will share more of my garden as it progresses through summer.

Below is a house portrait I did for a family in Willington, CT. Check out their website for the family business "Millix Family Farm". They are such a lovely young family and you can order Tricia's award winning apple pie from their website.

Tyler and Tricia met in high school and became best friends. They eventually married and moved into the home where Tyler was raised. With a beautiful family of five children, three girls and two boys, the Millix family started their family business. Their small farm includes 45 laying hens, 6 Fancy Bantam chickens and the family dog Ruby. Millix Family Farm and Bakery sells the best fresh eggs, baked goods and their specialty award winning apple pie.

Click on the photos for a closer view.


  1. Hi Cathie,
    Your garden is so pretty in pink! Your peonies are gorgeous and I love all the roses.

    Yet another wonderful home portrait you did! Love it!


  2. Just love your garden!! Show more, show more!!! Your painting is wonderful as usual. You know I am the Queen of enlarging photos to get details...

  3. What a lovely garden! When I first saw the picture of the fence and the roses and such, I thought it was my own garden. Our fence has that weathered look also! I haven't spent as much time in the yard as I usually do so far this year. My garden sure needs it....maybe I do too!

  4. Your garden is beautiful! The picture is gorgeous too :-)

    P.S. I hope your father-in-law is doing much better!

  5. Oh Cathie! Your garden is beautiful! The house portrait is lovely. I know they must be so thrilled with it!

  6. Hello Catherine; Oh I just love all of your garden photos. Wish I could have a computer that had scratch and sniff to smell the lovely floral sent..... lol and as always your paintings are just so darn beautiful. Thank you for sharing your garden.


  7. Your home and flowers are lovely and the new painting is wonderful! You've been busy!

  8. Hi Cathie,
    Thanks for your king comments on my blog. It's fun to be back. Your home and yard are fabulous. I love the family farm portrait. I think it's one of my favorites. Those trees against the night sky are lovely.

  9. Beautiful! The painting and the gardens. I too wish that I could spend more time in my garden...or painting!


  10. Cathie, I love your garden and the house painting you did! Love those roses!

  11. Your garden is looking so beautiful Catherine...I look forward to seeing more photos. Your painting also, is just gorgeous.


  12. Dear Catherine,
    you have such a lovely house and garden.
    And how great is the painting you made.
    I cant made such fine lines without blotting (LOL).
    Enjoy your weekend

  13. Mom... I need you to come over and give our plants your loving touch because they simply do NOT grow like that in our yard:)

    Love you!


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