Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Up and running again...

I need to apologize to my daily readers for my absence lately. A while back my monitor went out on my computer. I've been using my son's monitor for a while as a back up while he was in school. Then he moved into an apartment and wanted to take his computer with him and there went my monitor again. I was then challenged with using a very old tiny ancient monitor and my eyes just couldn't see to do the work.

Last night my husband helped me pick out this amazing new monitor that even my eyes (I wear tri-focals due to hours and hours of painting) can see. Isn't that little note on my old monitor cute? My husband loves to leave me little notes.

So I'm up and running once again. Patrick, I just wanted to let you know not to worry about the shadows in that last painting. I sometimes do that when there is space that needs to be filled. That's why I love folk art. There are no rules. I just do what is pleasing to my eyes. Have fun with it.

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