Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cottage Retreat

This is the autumn painting that I promised for this week. I ran outside and took pictures of my neighbor's house and ran back to get started. I made a few changes, re-landscaped, and now it's finished! I will be listing it on eBay this evening. I will also be using it later on eBay as an example of the "House Portraits" that I paint on commission.

This lovely cottage has a bright red door decorated with a cone shaped basket full of ivy. Pumpkins are artfully placed on each side of the entrance. A decorative lamp can be seen in the window between the pretty white lace curtains. Potted flowers are placed by the black wrought iron furniture on the brick patio. The pretty plump pillows are an invitation to sit and read while enjoying a hot cup of tea. Autumn leaves gently fall from the tree and form a blanket of vibrant color on the ground below.

Parts of this folk art painting are primitive and yet other areas, such as the entrance and garden funiture, are full of details.


  1. Hi sis! This appears to work. I love this painting. Nice job! Is it Linda's house?

  2. I love this painting!!!


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