Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chocolate Cherry Chip Cupcake

I just listed this little 4" x 4" painting on eBay.

The secret to this delicious chocolate cupcake are the sweet cherry chips that give this cake a candy bar flavor of days gone by. It is topped with chocolate frosting, whipped cream, and a bright red cherry.

I need a chocolate fix now!


  1. Really beautiful! And I wouldn't mind tasting one of them too.

  2. Very beautiful...pass the chocolate! heehee!

  3. I like so much your cupcakes! They are really delicious! ^___^
    Ps. I'm in love for your garden!! Hugs

  4. Hi Catherine, ow, you are making me hungry with this one...I love the cherry on top.


  5. I just love your whimsical art! Thanksf or letting me know about the artist and that to know a little about it! cherry

  6. Okay - I've decided that you need to open a bakery to house all of your delectible creations! They all look so scrumptious - and are causing havoc on my diet!! :)

    Too cute, as always - Cathie!!

    Blessings, Jenny

  7. Cathie, you are making me hungry! Very cute!

  8. Yum, yum, yum
    I bet you are a great cook and baker.
    Your painted cakes make me hungry.
    Sweet indeed ;0)

  9. yummy yumm. I wish I had a little girl. I am a cupcake fanatic and I luv this. I'll have to check out your others and see if there is anything that could fit in with my red/americana kitchen.

  10. Catherine,

    Thank you so much for your encouragement.

  11. Oh wow! That is one yummy looking cupcake!


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