Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Halloween Tasty Morsel Cupcake Painting

Check out my new cupcake painting listed on eBay tonight.
Myrtle's hat flew off and landed right on top of this delicious chocolate cupcake topped with purple butter cream frosting and orange sprinkles.The star studded cupcake wrapper is the perfect attire for this tasty Halloween morsel.
A black and white checked ribbon is wrapped around the edges of the canvas and ties in a bow at the top.

I'm on a roll and have been painting away and loving it!  I'm not sure what motivates me.  Maybe the cooler weather?  What motivates you?


  1. How sweet!! Love it Cathy!

    What is motivating me right now is a deadline I have for a vendor night I am selling at on October 13th -lol. I still have tons more mosaics to create before then,,,

  2. Love your new cupcake Catherine..just so fun and lovey for Halloween.


  3. I wish something were! Motivating me that is. It's got to be a great feeling when you're on a roll.


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