Friday, July 15, 2011

Boo Halloween Cupcake Paintings

This week I've been working on a new licensing project and had to repaint some Halloween cupcakes in order for the manufacturer to have a larger image to work from.  It feels a little strange to be working on a Halloween project when it's nearly 100 degrees outside, but companies get ready way in advance of the holiday seasons.  Now these three little paintings are for sell on Ebay.

I've also got a new painting almost finished that I'm excited to share next week.  I started it last year and put it away because I wasn't sure I even liked it.  I never have paintings laying around unfinished and this was driving me crazy.  Now that it's coming to life, I really love it and hope you will too. 
I'm staying inside working because it's too hot to garden.  What are you doing in this heat?

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  1. We had the heat and humidity, and it'll build again, but for now the weather is so pleasant. I wish that I could bottle it and send it to everyone.

    Sweet little paintings. Do you ever do a bunch of paintings at certain seasons just because you're in the mood? I don't know if I could, say, paint Christmas in August. There are so many who must work ahead this way.

  2. I'm quite sure I should be painting as well, but I'm doing floor refinishing, so that means moving large pieces of furniture. But, if it truly is going to be hotter this weekend, I may sit in my basement and finish my growth chart.

  3. Your halloween cupcake paintings are adorable, Cathie. I've been trying to push myself to paint but I'm in a bit of a funk right now. I'm enjoying this cooler weather for a few days before the return of more hot days.

    Happy painting! Looking forward to your new one.


  4. Your paintings are beautiful, congrats:)

  5. These are so cute! Very clever to tie bows around the canvases. Makes them even cuter :)


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