Saturday, January 22, 2011

Foot Prints

I always know when Rick is arriving home because our dog, Jersey, barks with excitement as his car pulls in the driveway.  As I was going down the stairs to greet him, I was met with this image of his foot prints on our sidewalk through the window on our upper landing.  He was using the blower to clear away the snow and his prints where he had walked remained intact.
Then as I arrived downstairs I found this little gift bag with a sticker on it from my favorite store....

Here is a closeup of the shop info incase you are ever in the area... 
The bag was facing this way though (with a little message on the back).....

He has wonderful taste; don' you think!

The clothing all comes from Thailand and the detail is beautiful!

Then I realized that his foot prints were a message that the Lord laid upon my heart. 
This week he took a dear friend to a doctor's visit because he wouldn't be able to drive home after a procedure that was done, he  visited with his father in the rehab/nursing home everday (usually twice a day), and left this morning early to visit with his 100 year old grandmother who he also calls everyday to check on.  He sure leaves his foot prints on the hearts of an awful lot of blessed friends and family members.  Then on top of all this he thinks of me while he's out working and stops in to buy me a gift "just because"! 
I'm surely blessed to have this wonderful man in my life!


  1. what a sweet guy! you hold onto that one ;) hope you're getting lots of good painting done this snowy winter!

  2. "Just because"- gifts are the best!!
    This is a beautiful piece.
    Have a great weekend

  3. What a wonderful fellow you have,blessed indeed.

  4. WOW, I'm almost jealous, except for the fact that you are worth it. He's a busy guy, I know how exhausted I am after visiting my mom in the nursing home. It's really quite draining.

  5. Oh Cathie, I just love, "just because" gifts!! You need to give that man a big hug!!

  6. He's one of a kind, but then you both are! xo

  7. Oh mom!!! This made me tear up! We are so blessed aren't we??? Seriously... I thank God everyday for you and dad!
    Love the footprint picture! Miss you guys. Hopefully Craft Night will work out this week. I need it:)

  8. Aww! what a sweetheart! and he still knows how to steal your heart! What a wonderful husband...
    My husband also does the just because and it means so much to me even after 35 years... we are lucky!
    Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth
    P.S. Love the top!

  9. Oh I think so and I know that you must reciprocate in many ways or else he would not be thinking about gifts for you "just because." Such an interesting time in his life to have two older generations. Blessings...

  10. I love this post!! What a wonderful husband you have, and I am sure that he is just as blessed with you. I have to say that mine's a keeper too! :) Thanks for sharing ... very much enjoyed the footstep photo and your view of same.

  11. You had better run and hug the stuffin' out of that man, what a wonderful generous giver with a servants heart! Yes, you are very blessed indeed!

  12. Love the shirt, and your artwork!

  13. Wow I think I would keep him if I were you! LOL


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