Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Folk Art is for everyone!

People have preconceived ideas about folk art. Decorators are using a more eclectic approach in their room designs incorporating a folk art item or antique into modern designs.
More and more families want to add a touch of personal flair to their homes. No, longer do we have to stick with one design style.

If you've been watching my eBay auctions lately, you have probably noticed that I am now doing custom house portraits. As much as I've tried to steer away from custom paintings, the demand seems to be going in that direction. I've also added letter art for children's rooms. But, these aren't just for children. Recently I painted a small wooden name plate with my daughter's name that she uses on her desk at work and now several people in her office have decided they would like to dress up their desk as well.

Below are samples of house portraits and name canvases. Thanks for your continued business and ideas!
Catherine Holman