Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Snowman Print Giveaway

It's finally finished!
I won't be selling the original until sometime in the fall and will announce that on my blog.

Put on your thinking caps and help me come up with a title for this new snowman painting.  Leave your title in a comment on this post and the lucky winner with the best creative title will receive an 8 x 10 inch print of this winter scene.  If I don't receive a title that works, I will simply draw names to decide the winner.  You have until Friday evening at midnight central time to enter.  
Good Luck!


  1. Frostyville? Frosty Hills? It came out really cute!

  2. Snow Day or maybe First Snow. I love all of your work, this piece really captures the feeling of a snow day with all of the kids out building snowmen and playing:)

  3. Taking a snow day to build a snowman village! That's the best I can do....and I see Vee has thought of a cute title already!

  4. The Village of Snowmen. LOL. I love this Catherine, it is beautiful, but then I have always been partial to your Fall and Winter scenes, they always make me think of where I would love to live and if I could climb in one and liver there I would. Fantastic!

  5. The Village of Snowmen, LOL This turned out beautiful, if I could I would crawl in there and live there. I have always been partial to your Fall and Winter scenes. Fantastic!!

  6. The Town Snowmen! I love this painting!

  7. Hi Cathereine I havet been around for a while but I am just in time to enter your fabolous giveaway.
    You know, that english is not my language but I give it a try.
    What a about
    -"snow- motion"or
    -"welcome to snowmens haven".
    I hope you are doing fine. I love that painting, alltough I amreally longing for summer for our european spring is frosty enough:0)

  8. Snowfall Heights, where every family, carrot-nosed or boot-shod, dreams of spending Christmas!

    To tell the truth, the perfect title has already been submitted: 'Snow-place Like Home' from thismustbe, May 28, 2013 at 7:11 PM. I can't imagine a better name for your delightful painting.


  9. I love your artwork. How about the print's name being Winter Village?

  10. Chimney Smoke and Cheery Snowfolk. ;) I'm no good at naming. LOL! It is beautiful: Snow Village People. Now, I won't be able to stop. LOL! blessings ~ tanna

  11. Catherine, this painting is amazing. I'm sorry I'm going to be no help what so ever with the title...leaving that all in your capable hands. This beautiful painting reminds me of the Christmas villages from dept 56. It is really lovely.


  12. This is so lovely. It would be awesome as a cross stitch or needlepoint design.

    Needlepoint painted canvases are all the rage right now....it might be another avenue for you to market your wonderful art.


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